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About us

The Frenchhouse is just that: the perfect house wine. It is all about the French tradition of enjoying approachable, well-made wines with a delicious meal, with friends or family.

Our winemaker has carefully selected grapes from 15 to 30 year old vines from the South of France in order to get the perfect balance of ripeness, mouth-watering acidity, fruit quality and complexity. Each wine demonstrates the typical characteristics of the grape variety used. Make yourself at home with our Frenchhouse wines! Open a bottle, sit back and relax!


Our Chardonnay has elegant aromas of apricot, pears and green apple with a hint of refreshing citrus fruit on the finish.

Great with crab, prawns or salmon as well as grilled fish, chicken dishes and creamy pasta dishes. C’est délicieux!

Ideal serving temperature: 8-10°C or 46-50°F

Sauvignon Blanc

A deliciously dry and aromatic wine with enticing citrus fruit flavours leading to a mouth-watering and refreshing finish.

Great with spicy food, grilled fish and fresh salads. C’est délicieux!

Ideal serving temperature: 8-10°C or 46-50°F


A refreshingly dry and deliciously fruity wine with elegant flavours of strawberries and a hint of raspberries balanced by a mouth-watering finish.

Very versatile it will be a great accompaniment to grilled meats or fish, sushi, fresh salads and goats’ cheese. C’est délicieux!

Ideal serving temperature: 12°C or 54°F

Pinot Noir

Our Pinot Noir has enticing aromas and flavours of crushed black fruits with well integrated tannins followed by a round and satisfying finish.

Great with grilled chicken or lamb, beef stews, pasta dishes or mild cheeses. C’est délicieux!

Ideal serving temperature: 17°C or 63°F

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